Visiting London

If you are visiting London, there are the touristy things to do, and then there are the fun things to do. There is quite a difference depending on who you ask and how familiar they are with the downtown area. The touristy things are obviously something that can be fun, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary that will really make your stay here amazing, then check out what is being blogged about by Andrew Tomlinson. Not your average blogger, he tells it as it is and also gives out the best secrets that the city has to offer.

Whether you are a museum goer or a history buff, he has it all there for you to enjoy your stay. Even those who live here tune into his blog to get a beat on what is new and happening. Always seemingly ahead of the trends, he can make or break just about anything in the city. One word from Andrew and a place can either go from infamous to tanked, or from nothing special to spectacular. He has the pulse on London that not anyone else has.

If you are looking for the best place to eat, the best place to take your clients, or even the best place to meet women, he can tell you where it is. A blog that is entirely dedicated to telling you of his experiences and his opinions, you feel as if you are along with him for the ride. The most honest and up-to-date reviews on everything around the city, it is all free for your viewing.

The best part about Andrew’s blog is that he loves your comments. If you don’t agree with what he recommends or want him to give something a second try, he is a fair guy with a good head for business. Knowing that he may not always get things right, he isn’t above a retraction or giving something a break for having an “off” night. One of the most famous bloggers in the city, he can set the record straight, and you always know that he is a straight shooter.

The problem with most blogs nowadays is that they are nothing more than advertising in disguise. Andrew’s blog is all real, he is not a fictitious character, nor can he be bought. Going against the grain sometimes, he is not above telling you that the hype is nothing but hype. When you get the story from him, you can be guaranteed that it is always the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you are here for business or pleasure, or even if this is your home, his funny commentary is engaging enough just to give it a look. Who knows, he may have the skinny to change your mind about something, find you the best sandwich you have ever had, or to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you don’t give it a glance, you will never know if he is as good as everyone says he is.